Sunday, December 12, 2010

Third time's a charm...

Last January I decided to make the switch from PC to Mac, and for the most part I have absolutely loved my computer. It's relatively idiot proof (which most days, I need), very intuitive when it comes to becoming comfortable with the differences between the two, and is absolutely amazing for photo editing (the screen resolution on this baby is crazy!). About a month ago, it froze for the first time. Okay, so yeah... I may or may not have had around 30 tabs opened in two different windows in Mozilla, but so what?! For as expensive as this thing was, it should totally be able my tab-happy moods and NOT cause the memory to crash every time I feel like keeping everything open at once. I know, it's kind of weird... But I literally know what each tab goes to, and you better believe it's all organized in a specific order. If I could color code them all, I totally would. So, yeah... it's just one of my little "things." The first time it happened, I called the Apple tech service  and took it into the Apple store and felt relatively comfortable that as long as I kept my tabs to a conservative minimum, I'd be ok... and for about a month, I was. This past week, it started doing this same thing again. Only this time, it was accompanied by insanely loud beeps and the occasional growl (totally not kidding) from the inside of my computer. A few days went by (hoping that the problem would maybe go away on its own... wishful thinking), and it just got worse. Yesterday morning, I called to make an appointment to bring it back it to get looked at. (A couple side notes... One of the best things about having a mac is that you have an actual place to take it in if you need to (i.e. Apple store instead of having to ship it to who knows where for who knows how long). Also, if you have a mac... buy the pro care membership! Especially if its still under warranty. You skip the entire line when you have a problem and are automatically put at the top of the list for repairs. When there's 57 people in front of you, you will be thanking God you spent the extra money on this.) I get my appointment time, drive across town (45 minutes), and explain what's going on. After 2.5 hours of working on it together, I leave it overnight and agree that it will be ready by the morning. At 10:30am today, I get a phone call that it's ready. I go pick it up (thankfully it's still under warranty so it didn't cost me anything) assured by the employee that it's fixed, take it home, and open it up. After literally 5 minutes of working on my computer... boom. It's frozen and shuts itself off. Are you kidding me!? During that 5 minutes I was able to use my computer, I managed to back up all my files onto the external hard drive I bought last time I was there. When I took it back again this afternoon, I spent another 3.5 hours sitting there waiting for my computer to get fixed with the 5,728 other people just standing around the Apple store. I mean, I know they're cool, but good. lord. Fire code has GOT to be broken on a daily basis at that place. About 3 hours in, I start to not even care about what it takes to fix my computer. I'm hungry, there's tons of screaming kids running around the store, and the heat MUST be at 97 degrees. I get up for 2 seconds to go look at the new Kate Spade computer covers (very cute, by the way!), and as soon as I come back the guy says "umm hey sooo... do you, like, back up your stuff?". Ignoring his very professional way of asking me if I backed up my documents, I said "yes, I do. Is there a particular reason you ask?" He replies "well yeah, your hard drive just crashed and everything is gone." Even though I knew everything was still on my external hard drive, my heart just sank. "Are you serious?" "Yeah, sorry." WHATEVER! At this point, I just want to go home. Forget email... I'll just send everyone letters from now on. They repaired the hard drive (or gave me a new one, I don't even know), and reinstalled the operating system. When I got home, I had to re-enter all my info as if the computer was brand new. The good news--- so far so good, now. I've been on my computer almost 2 hours (catching up on everything) and NO crashes. Le sigh... Moral of the story: "like, backup your stuff"

The original plan for today's post was supposed to be much more positive... so I apologize. My posts haven't exactly been the most uplifting lately. I promise, it will get better soon! As for now, I think I'll hit the gym for a bit and call it a night. This girl is one tired little belle. Goodnight y'all!



Whitney said...

new follower!

i have a mac too. i used to do tech support over the phone for them. so sorry about your hard drive. at least you backed your stuff up. you'd be surprised about how many people that don't.

p.s. i just backed my computer last night.

CMae said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. I LOVE my mac. I have a Macbook that's 2 yrs old now. Silver body. They truly are the best. A word of advice. YOU SHOULD NOT USE MOZILLA FIREFOX on a mac. It was fucking with my computer very badly. My boyfriend took it off. Stick with Safari or Google Chrome. Google chrome is what I am using now.

My former elementary school job, all the teachers had desktop Macs brand new. I taught there for 5 years, and 3 out of the 5 my hard drive went 2 times on my school computer. sometimes you get a lemon on a rare occasion I guess. Don't give up with mac! hang in there!

Sarah said...

Oh my word. This happened to me last December, but I didn't have a Mac--that will be my next laptop. Unfortunately I didn't have anything backed up so I lost EVERYTHING including all of my itunes!! Is it sad that I was most upset over losing my itunes?? haha!!

By the way, read my latest will love it!!

Jenni said...

Ugggghh... that SUCKS girl. I'm so sorry that happened to you!! The same thing happened to me about 1 month after buying my new Dell - it just crashed, and everything was *POOF* - GONE! Except I hadn't backed anything up. :( I think sometimes you just get a bad egg!!