Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesday

Hello my loves! I hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday! I'm lacking quite a bit in the creativity department today, so I'm thinking that a "So What Wednesday" might be in order...

[So what] if the pile of clothes sitting on the floor of my closet has grown into a 4 foot tall small mountain, under which a small community of clothes gnomes may or may not be living.

[So what] if there appears to be a moth in said closet (due to the increasing amount of random holes in both Robert and my t-shirts) that I've vowed to kill with my bare hands since I flat out REFUSE to put moth balls in my closet. I will NOT smell like an 85 year old woman all day.

[So what] if I spend absurd amounts of money on my hair and clothes and still buy store brand groceries because I'm "trying to save money."

[So what] if I will run half marathons but still complain about not being able to find a close parking spot.

[So what] if I make Charley more home cooked meals than I do myself. Crappy food (which is WAY more common than you'd think) is the #1 (preventable) cause of canine abdominal cancer (the #2 most common form of canine cancer).

[So what] if I sometimes forget that he's a dog... He listens far better than most people I know.

[So what] if my "secret" chocolate chip recipe involves unwrapping the dough and placing the pieces on the baking sheet for 13-17 minutes. They're still amazingly good.

[So what] if I get just as excited about ordering takeout and watching Netflix as I do about going out. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE girls night out and date night... but there's just something so refreshing about staying in.

[So what] if I'm a total science nerd. I love what I do, and I love seeing kids faces light up when they "get it."

[So what] if I'll turn back around after driving 8 miles away from my house because I can't remember if I shut the garage door or not. It totally freaks me out.

[So what] if I'd rather get one handwritten letter in the mail in place of 100 emails. There's just something about the lost art of letter writing.

[So what] if I could go on forever with this list... I want to hear your "so what's"!

Goodnight y'all!!


CMae said...

the garage door comment was priceless. I had a moment like that today where I got 4 miles work and realized i left my cell phone. I started freaking out. not of fear of separation of not having instant communication all day but more so that fear of what do I do if I get a flat and can't call for help or call anyone for that matter......LOL

Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh friend! You and I are so very much alike!!! I too spend absurds amount on clothes and hair but buy store brand things. (Publix is awesome though!) I feel we would def get along! Are you running any races anytime soon??

Baily Jones said...

I think I'm going to link up and do this next Wednesday along with "WILW"... seems so fun!

You should get together with Michelle (michabella) and I!

BAI xoxo

Sarah said...

I identified with so many of those!! I have a huge pile of clothes on my floor from my trip that I just haven't taken to the laundry room; I would much rather wear expensive clothes and buy generic brand food than buying name brand food haha! And I'm glad you still enjoy handwritten notes. I still have personalized stationery made because I refuse to send "thank you" emails. Hope your week is going good!!